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Monday, May 10, 2010

Morgan Street Jail - making way for high speed!

For over the last 100 years there was always a jail on, well not necessarily Morgan, but Jefferson street near the historic Oaklawn Cemetery. In preparation and with the hope that high speed rail would come to Tampa, demolition of the Morgan Street jail started in August of 2009.  This site will soon be the home of Tampa's future High Speed Rail station.  Constructed in 1964, the building was  functional, never anything special.  By the 90s overcrowding was a common problem, and the Orient and Falkenburg jails were used instead. 

However, the 1925 structure it replaced was something.

Quite a menacing building with a view of the cemetery to boot.  This structure was built to replace the smaller, walled structure below on the right:
I was drawn to the jail site because it shows how a site with a public use can grow and take over surrounding sites as an area grows.  Whereas large private sites are usually divided up as an area grows. 

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