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Friday, October 1, 2010

For easier browsing of the Burgert Bros. Collection try...

If you haven't already stumbled upon this great website, check it out today.  The library's searchable database is a little cumbersome and slow when it comes to looking at the Burgert Bros. online collection.  Mr. LaMartin has created a wonderful index site.  Now you can instantly see the photos you are searching for.  You can browse by year if you wish, or see all those photos that weren't tagged with a year to find something that a search won't.  The site requires the  Microsoft Silverlight plugin.  Thank you Mr. LaMartin.

As the caption clearly states there are over 13000 digital images of photos from the Burgert Bros. Collection on the Tampa library's website, here they all are tiled out for your searching enjoyment:

Sort by year and you see that 1926 has the most index images with 1727, a busy year.  Lets check out a less voluminous year, 1938:

Oh, and I see the Burgert Bros. took a photo that year of one of my favorite "lost" buildings, the former Knights of Pythias Hall built in 1913? on the Southeast corner of  Morgan and Kennedy.  Here it is after a few remodels during its time as the Chamber of Commerce building.

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